Green Schools Flag

The Green-Schools’ Committee


After the success of receiving our first Green-Schools’ Flag for Litter and Waste, St. Michael’s School is now working towards our second flag. The second flag is all about WATER!

The Green-Schools’ Committee is working towards this flag by setting action targets for our school community. 

We have several targets that we are working towards. These include:

  • Raising awareness about the way water is used in our school

  • Learning about water and the water cycle

  • Investing in a water harvesting system

  • Having a plumber in to make sure our taps are not leaking

  • Adding slogans around the school to remind everyone to reduce water use


Some of these changes have already started in St. Michael’s. The others will follow soon. Thanks to everyone who is helping us to achieve our second flag! We couldn’t do it without you!

Our school website is a work in progress and is constantly being reviewed.