Green Schools Flag

Good News for Green-Schools’                                                                                                           May 2020


As many of you know, right before we had to close the doors of St. Michael’s Holy Angels, we had an inspector in our school. This inspector was from An Taisce and she wanted to inspect the work we have done in our school recently.

Our Green-Schools’ Committee from last year and this year worked so hard over the last two years on the theme ‘water’. They created slogans and signs for taps. They got a water butt donated to the school. They set up a Green-Schools’ station for Senior Sport’s Day (the water guns will have to wait until next year). They organised water events including water tastings and water hunts…and that is on top of all the other work that’s done in our school. Lots of classes and lots of members of staff help to collect and empty the bins every day. Lots of students help to collect and wash the hand towels every week.

Everyone in our school takes part in the Green-Schools’ programme so I was so excited when I opened an email this week from An Taisce. The email said ‘CONGRATULATIONS! St. Michael’s Holy Angels is getting their second Green-Schools’ Flag! As soon as it is safe, they will send our brand-new flag to our school and Noel will attach it to the flagpole.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us get our second flag. I want to say a special thanks to Eoin from the class of St. Gertrude and Rhys from the class of St. Francis. These are two of our senior Committee members and they were fantastic when the inspector visited. They showed her our water butt, our notice board and they answered all her questions. Well done St. Michael’s Holy Angels!

The Green-Schools’ Committee


After the success of receiving our first Green-Schools’ Flag for Litter and Waste, St. Michael’s School is now working towards our second flag. The second flag is all about WATER!

The Green-Schools’ Committee is working towards this flag by setting action targets for our school community. 

We have several targets that we are working towards. These include:

  • Raising awareness about the way water is used in our school

  • Learning about water and the water cycle

  • Investing in a water harvesting system

  • Having a plumber in to make sure our taps are not leaking

  • Adding slogans around the school to remind everyone to reduce water use


Some of these changes have already started in St. Michael’s. The others will follow soon. Thanks to everyone who is helping us to achieve our second flag! We couldn’t do it without you!