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Green Schools

The Green-Schools Committee this year is made up of pupils from St. Peter’s and St. Patrick’s Classes. They are a fantastic, enthusiastic group who have been hard at work learning about recycling and are taking it in turns to collect the classroom bins each day. We are hoping to organise a talk from Repak Ireland soon about sorting our rubbish correctly. We are also a school who recycles batteries, if anyone has any used ones at home feel free to bring them in.


The Green-Schools Committee have begun working towards St. Michael’s fourth Green Flag – Biodiversity. So far they have been busy defining what exactly ‘biodiversity’ is, a vast topic that covers the variety of life on our planet. There is so much to learn! 

Our aim for the next two years will be to increase awareness in our school about how important biodiversity is for human health and well-being, what it means for plants, animals, eco-systems and how it affects or planet. 

We have a few tasks up our sleeves that aim to promote biodiversity in our school, starting with a bulb planting project that will be revealed in March next year! Watch this space.....

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