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World Oceans Day 8th June


To mark World Ocean Day St. Patricks class have started to survey how much single use plastic we use in the school.  They have been collecting and counting how many bottles, yogurt pots, plastic straws, plastic wrappers and bottle tops are used each day after lunch.  

They are trying to encourage us to use reusable bottles and lunchboxes to help reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in the ocean.  

"Don't Stop or Sit Campaign"

Recently St Vincents class have been thinking of ways of improving our fitness and helping to work towards our Active Flag. During break time we noticed that lots of pupils came out to the yard and either sat down on the benches or stood chatting. We had an idea!! We developed a new campaign 

                            "DON'T STOP OR SIT"

This simply involves everyone moving for the 10 minutes of small break. We made posters to remind everyone and so far, it has been very successful, with students in St. Vincents becoming movement detectives, gently reminding anyone who stands still for too long!!! Initially we thought we would run it for one week, but we are now in week two and think it is something we could definitely continue for the rest of the month ...or term!!!!


May the Month of Mary

On Friday 14th we celebrated May the month of Mary.  St. Francis class created a May Altar with a beautiful backdrop of handmade paper flowers.  The pupils read prayers and then flowers were placed on the altar.