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STEM Awareness 

We have received the great news that not only did our school receive the Plaque Award for Science and Maths over the last year, we have also received the Science Foundation Badge of Excellence in STEM Awareness. We are one of the only schools in Ireland to receive this award. Science Foundation Ireland are so impressed with our application they have asked if they can use our submission as an examplar for other schools who are considering applying for the award in the coming year. We are extremely proud of all the pupils and staff in St. Michael’s who have ensured that our school gets the recognition it deserves. Thank you to all the parents for all the feedback that we received.

Here is the letter we received with the good news. 




Dear Patricia, Sharon,


Congratulations all at St Michael’s  School on achieving an SFI Badge of Excellence for 2019!


The additional feedback and reflections from pupils, teachers and parents demonstrates the success you’ve had in implementing a whole school approach to supporting children to develop and apply their STEM skills across the curriculum and in everyday life, both at home and in school.  The reflections demonstrate the positive impact this has had; the approach taken has supported the children in being curious, asking questions and engaging their inquiring minds right across the curriculum and at home, which has made STEM more appealing and engaging. Staff collaborated enthusiastically to support inquiry-based learning and application of STEM skills across a range of on-going programmes and curriculum areas. The staff clearly understand the value of applying STEM skills in everyday life and worked together to facilitate a whole school approach to increasing STEM awareness and engagement. Staff also facilitated parents getting involved by providing clear opportunities to support their children’s STEM learning.  Parents clearly engaged fully in the process and actively support their children to develop and apply their STEM skills at home. Reflections from parents demonstrate an awareness of STEM skills and an understanding of the value of these skills for their children.  Well done to all!


Your school will shortly receive your customised Plaque containing the Badge of Excellence add-on for this year. As previously advised, we will be designing a new Badge for the roll out of the award beyond the pilot and once this has been finalised, your school will be one of the first to receive this new award.


Congratulations and keep up the great work!


Warm Regards,



World Mental Health Week

Mental Health Week was from 7th - 11th of October.  Pupils in St.Brigid's Class made posters making everyone aware of how to look after their mental health and put them up on the corridors.  They visited classrooms and shared their ideas with the pupils and staff.  They made green ribbons and gave them to all staff members to wear for the week.

On World Mental Health Day which was Thursday 10th October they gave a bookmark to all Senior pupils to remind how important it is to talk when you are feeling scared , anxious, worried, angry or any other negative feeling.  The message from St. Brigid's pupils was "Talking makes us stronger- it's okay not to feel okay but tell someone how you're feeling."

Pupils also made an announcement over the intercom to remind pupils of the importance of looking after their Mental Health.  Shannon Duffy wrote a poem and read it to everyone on Thursday 10th October.

The pupils from St. Brigid's class were delighted to get an opportunity to practice their communication skills.

Coffee Morning for Cancer Research

On Friday 11th of October St. Catherine's class hosted a coffee morning in aid of breast cancer research.  The pupils made lovely posters promoting the event and school staff were busy baking delicious treats for the occasion.  Parents of pupil's  in St. Catherine's class joined school staff for the coffee morning.  A fantastic total of €463.44 was raised with all proceeds going to the Irish Cancer Society.  

World Water Day 2019

St. Michael’s Holy Angels celebrated World Water Day in March 2019. We had a fantastic day doing a school ‘Water Hunt’ and a flavoured water tasting hosted by the class of St. Thérèse. It was a great day and it was so exciting learning about water as a whole school. The winners of the ‘Water Hunt’ were the class of St. Peter’s class who found a total of 122 water sources! What amazing work St. Peter’s! Thank you to everyone for taking part.

Peace Proms 2019 

Congratulations to Darragh, Dylan, Roslyn and Kate from St. Peter's class, Aimee from St. Brendan's and Hayley from St. Louise's who took part in the Peace Proms in the RDS on Saturday 2nd of February, an event which celebrates cultural diversity and promotes peace, unity and tolerance through music.  They performed with a choir of 2,300 children from school all over Ireland conducted by one of the UK's leading professional conductors- Greg Beardsell and with a full symphony orchestra and a host of top soloists.  A big well done to the 6 pupils for their dedication and focus during the practices and rehearsals which made for a very fulfilling and rewarding day for all involved.  

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