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In Woodwork, pupils will learn fundamental life skills such as decision making, problem solving and organizational skills in a hands-on manner within a safe environment. Pupils will develop their literacy, numeracy and practical knowledge, while marking a variety of fun and practical woodworking projects. Woodworking also allows pupils to further develop their self-esteem and social skills, as well as their creativity and physical abilities.

Pupils will learn to use a wide range of hand tools such as rulers, try-squares, tenon saws, chisels, mallets, screwdrivers and hammers as well as working with a variety of materials and using basic power tools such as drills and sanding machines. Using these tools will enable pupils to improve their dexterity and motor skills.


Pupils are encouraged to design and come up with ideas for projects and some of their completed works include; phone stands, picture frames, birdhouses, and wooden toys.


Pupils may be working to achieve accreditation for the JC2 Short Course in Woodwork.

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