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History of St. Michael's School

The Daughters of Charity and 75 pupils were transferred to St. Michael's from St. Vincent's,  Navan Road on the 14th April 1955.  In 1956 St. Michael's Special School was officially opened.  Initially the school catered for girls only and a number of these were boarders.

History of the Daughters of Charity

The Community of the Daughters of Charity was co-founded by St Louise de Marillac and St Vincent de Paul in France in 1633.

They first came to Ireland in 1855.  In county Louth, the sisters cared for people in need in their homes and opened a night school for young girls who were working in the factories at the time.  Over the years the sisters have expanded and diversified their services in response to changing needs.  They continue to devote their lives to follow Christ in the service of those in need.

The areas they currently serve in include the following:- Child and Family Services, Pre-school Education, Specialised service for Young People, Services for Persons with Intellectual Disability, Health Care Services, Services for Older Persons, Parishes, Family Resource Centres, Services for People who are Homeless, Vincentian Partnership Programmes, Mission Outreach and Marian Services.  Currently the Daughters are in 34 houses in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Drogheda, Galway, Knock and Wicklow.

St. Vincent

St. Louise

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